Have you ever felt the pain of knowing you   need to do something,

anything  but not knowing

What To Do?

         Chances  you are suffering from one or more of

The Eight Deadly Viruses!

               Solution is to get yourself innoculated...

give yourself the information you need

to ensure that the eight deadly viruses    

Don't Claim your Business


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If you are a new business owner or aspiring entrepreneur you need to read this book. I’ve travelled the world and shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Sir Richard Branson, so please understand the significance of my evaluation and endorsement. Bob, Jan and Marg have done a truly remarkable thing. They’ve taken the complex and serious subject of failure for new businesses and created a book that is highly informative yet totally enjoyable.  The chapter on “Squirrelitis” hit the bull’s eye for me.


This trio of gifted experts have turned a giant spotlight on the biggest issues facing new entrepreneurs today. You’ll love how they reveal immediate and effective remedies in clear simple steps that are easy for you to apply right now.



~ James MacNeil, "The Guru Builder" & President, EQ Communications

James MacNeil
EQ Communications

Table of Contents

  • Chapter Verbal Diahrea


    Tips on how to cure Verbal Diahrea or in other words mouth runnith over disease.  Improve your networking skills with these great tips!


  • Chapter Negative Nellieitis

    In Negative Nellieitis we give tips on how to deal with the often well meaning negative influences in your lives



  • Chapter Plantar Fincialitis

    In Plantar Fincialitis helps those people who are terrified of the numbers.

  • Chapter Superhero Syndrome

    Do you suffer from Icandoeverthingitis?

  • Chapter Networking Neurosis

    Are you afraid of the big bad world out there?

  • Chapter Mental Constipation

    Where is your Mind Set?

  • Chapter Gratitiuos Delerium

    Are you suffering from the Woo Hoo Flu?

  • Chapter Squirrelitis

    Do you have a hard time staying focus on your main task?

  • From the Authors - Enjoy, Have Fun and take your Business to the Next Level!

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Meet the Authors

Bob MacLean

Bob MacLean  is the visionary.  He has made his career and his success by exploring innovative ways to work and succeed. Bob has been a consultant, coach, and teacherfor nearly three decades.  Upon graduating from Western University in London, Ontario Canada with a degree in Computer Science.  Bob's career started as a hard core technology practice.  Over the next few decades, Bob has morphed his approach and transitioned to the "human side" of the equation.  Bob recognized that his visionary thinking did not fit into corporate structure.  He sought more rewarding avenues for his talents.  This search led Bob to specialie in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Bob's career has spanned three countries and added seven-digit improvements to his clients bottom line.  Bob's current goals are to continue to help entreprenuers reach financial freedom and achieve success as they define it and to have FUN while doing it.

Jan Miller

Jan Miller considers herself a citizen of the world as she has worked and lived in many locations that gave her an insight into different people and lifestyles and she embraces those differences.  Jan is a lifelong learner becoming a graduate of the Peak Potentials Quantum Leap Program.  Through these programs, she has attended many and varied personal development seminars thus experiencing and growing on many levels.  Jan started her entrepreneurial life with a paper route at age 13, partnership in a wedding photography business and experience with various mulit-level marketing ventures.  Now is a founding partner in the NEWBI System.  Jan graduated magna cum laude from Robert Morris University.  She was licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania.  Throughout her corporate career, Jan demonstrated superior analytical skills that elevated her to a senior position in coprorate America.  After an assignment in Bermuda, Jan returned to the US to continue corporate career but was searching for a new avenue out of Corporate America.  While the US will always be home, she has friends across the world.  Jan's current goals are to travel the world in a 45 foot sailboat, to build the financial Freedom of entrepreneurs so that they (and she) can maximize quality time with family and friends ant to never wear real shoes again.

Margaret MacLean

Margaret MacLean is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur.  At 9 years old,  Marg learned to facilitate other's success.  When her older brothers wanted to go out, they would pay handsomely to ensure that their chores were done. An entrepreneur was born and the nurturing process began.  Marg like most of her generation, was conditioned to go to school, get a good grades and get a job and she did just that.  The next step was going to work until you die and this will ensure that you die happy.  The entrepreneur in Marg did not subscribe to that paradigm.  Margaret always had bigger dreams and was constantly looking at ways to achieve those goals.  The epiphany occurred in the late 80's when Marg attended a Zig Ziglar event, Marg has been on the path of continual personal development and the quest to achieve her dreams.  Marg is the author of 100's of blog articles and the winner of the Top Sales Awards in two companies.  Margaret understands the true meaning of perserverance and how to celebrate life's lessons from success and from failure.  Marg's greatest joy is spending time with her husband and childrena and family and friends.  Her current goals are to help other entrepreneurs achieve time and money freedom and to continue to achieve her dreams.

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